Search engines have become the new encyclopedia in the modern day. When someone wants to learn about something new, or find information about something, the instant intent is to turn on the mobile screen and surrender some target keywords to the search engine. This is why most search engines use various advertising tools to promote its advertising network. Google Ads is one such advertising service which is used by businesses to display their ads on Google. This is one way in which you can tap the interest of your existing, as well as potential customers.

What is Google Ads and why is it beneficial for your business?

Many people often disregard the importance of digital tools to tap and exploit a potential market. However, with the growing scope of online and digital tools and Ecommerce platforms, the prominence of Google Ads is being felt tangibly. Using the Google Ads program, a business can set a particular budget for advertising and pay for only those ads on which a user takes an action by clicking. The incremental advantage of using Google Ads for a business lies in the fact that a business can create custom ads that target a few relevant keywords. Ultimately, when a user searches for a particular keyword, your ad ends up showing in front of him, which proposes a high chance of converting a lead into actual sales. It is easy to locate an Ad word as, which is found under the title of ‘sponsored links’ on Google. If any user of Google clicks on such ads, Google will redirect him to your website.

How can we help you make the most of Google Ads?

Our company is an experienced conglomeration of talented professionals, who are adept at the skill of devising the best use of Google Ads service. Following are the ways in which our service can help you make the most of Google Ads for your business:

  1. Bring more customer: Your target could be anything, varying from growing online traffic, bringing new customers or making your web page more responsive.
  2. Reach the right customers: Instead of showing up vaguely on some random page, your ad will be displayed only to someone who is interested in that topic.
  3. Advertise on a global scale: Your ad can reach a large number of customers, unbound by geographic boundaries.

We are here to address your queries, and service requests so that your business can bloom and flourish.


Why should you choose us to manage your Google Ads campaign?

It is all about getting a good start. The competition is stiff out there and thrives with major players who are hard to battle with. Our experience can help you kick start your business and gain you those most sought-after clicks, thus fetching you more leads.

What is the average CTR in Google Ads?

Though it is usually a moving target, an average of 1% - 0.3% is seen as the standard.

How can you improve your quality score on Google Ads?

Your quality score is determined majorly from click through rate, ad relevance, and landing page. We make sure that our work focuses on these areas to give you maximum quality score.

How is AdWords express different from Google Ads?

Firstly, AdWords express lacks tracking of conversions which is available for free with Google Ads and secondly, it does not offer remarketing for your website.

What is remarketing in Google Ads?

Remarketing allows a business to monitor a user’s site experience and how he interacts within the website, to re target ads, which vary in frequency and relevance.

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