We have come across a multitude of advertising niches, even before the concept of marketing manifested itself in our mind. With the ever changing marketing scenario and the disruptive manner in which technology is expanding, there is a need to catch the customer’s eyeballs, before your competitor can win over his interest. The importance of online advertising was never more tangible than it is now and in the years to come, it is only going to escalate to higher levels.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Considered as one of the leading ways to grow an upcoming business, Search Engine Marketing is being viewed as the channel that helps a business grow and prosper in a hostile and competitive environment. A business makes use of paid advertising to increase its visibility on the result pages of a search engine. While using a search engine, you might have noticed how certain ads appear alongside your search results. Search Engine Marketing results from an advertiser’s efforts to bid for target keywords that a person is likely to use on at a search engine, while searching for a particular product, service or thing. The incremental benefit of SEM lies in the fact that it allows an advertiser to present a product to a potential customer, at the exact moment when he is looking to make a purchase of the same. As per recent stats, it has been found that up to 65% of people browse their desktops, when looking to make a purchase.

Why does your business need Search Engine Marketing?

The concept of Search Engine Marketing is comparatively novel in the digital world. While only a fraction of startups are actually utilizing and employing Search engine tools to propagate their business, the market holds an expansive scope for businesses to utilize SEM and take their business forward in full throttle.

By using the paid SEM service, you can make your product or service appear in the sponsored section of a search engine’s results. With Search Engine marketing, we can help you gain the lead in the following way:

  1. We help generate new leads for your business, which might transform into potential sales tomorrow.
  2. We customize the entire Search Engine Marketing strategy according to your business, and follow a transparent method, where we explain to you each step, and travel with you through your entire marketing journey, thereby assisting and taking ownership appropriately, ultimately achieving a win-win.
  3. We devise a way to make sales through use of sophisticated marketing tools.
  4. We help you in building your brand name among existing as well as potential customers.
  5. We bring fresh traffic at your web presence and help you steer ahead of your competitors.


Why is search engine marketing important?

No other form of advertising generates as many and brilliant leads for a business, as Search Engine Marketing does. It is the most unique way to present your product to the customer, in a direct and straightforward way, right when he is ready to purchase it.

How is SEM the biggest trend in PPC?

Nowadays, advertisers usually bid for keywords in order to meet their potential customers. Now, the trend is such that Google matches a customer’s searches with a website page to display results and thus, SEO is starting to take a backseat.

How can SEM help a company?

SEM works as an authentic way to market a product and service and increases traffic to awebsite, along with other benefits. Hence, it works as a boost for upcoming businesses.

How does SEM work?

Using PPC, which is Pay per click, advertisers bid to get a rank for displaying their ad on a search engine. Higher the bid, higher is the rank of the advertiser on the result page.

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